E3: Super Monkey Ball screens and info

[05.17.01] » Check out gameplay screens and early info from Sega's unusually titled arcade game for the GameCube.

   Super Monkey Ball, a port of the recently-released Japanese arcade game Monkey Ball, is getting a makeover for its GameCube release, including improved graphics taking advantage of the GameCube's superior chipset.

   Super Monkey Ball's gameplay is deceptively simple: your goal is to guide monkeys inside rolling balls through mazes to the goal, collecting as many bananas as you can find along the way. However, you have to be wary of traps littering the field. Control is handled with just one analog stick -- the arcade version utilizes a banana-shaped joystick.

   Super Monkey Ball is scheduled for release in the Fall. Expect full impressions from GIA as E3 progresses.

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