E3: Doshin the Giant stomps onto GameCube

[05.17.01] » Nintendo's friendly giant appears again. Chikko!

   In its GameCube release list, Nintendo has revealed that a Doshin the Giant game is in the works for the next-generation platform. Even more surprisingly, it appears that the game is coming to North America. No game details were divulged, however, so it's not yet known if this a brand new Doshin game or the original Nintendo 64 title being ported to the GameCube for its U.S. release (as Animal Forest is).

   Released for the Japan-only 64DD peripheral, the original Doshin the Giant featured gameplay similar to Black & White. In the Marigul-developed game, players had to keep the friendly but awkward Doshin the Giant on good terms with the village while befriending villagers by peeing hearts on them. No, really.

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