E3: Pikmin details revealed

[05.16.01] » Miyamoto puts a unique twist on strategy games.

   Nintendo revealed details and showed footage of Miyamoto's latest project, Pikmin, at their pre-E3 press conference. A mix between strategy and communication, the player's role is a spaceman who has crashed on a strange planet, and must use the help of the indigenous life -- sprout-like creatures known as Pikmin -- to put his space ship together.

   The player can order the Pikmin as individuals, small groups, or large armies of over a 100 sprouts, all shown on the screen at the same time. The Pikmin are used to carry objects from the field to base camp, build bridges and roads, and defend their nests from malevolent aliens in the area. Time is also a factor, as the spaceman has a limited amount of breathable air left.

   Pikmin takes advantage of the GameCube's power, bringing the Pikmin's world to life with lush greenery, showing the passage of time with the sun setting in the sky. Pikmin is slated for a December 2001 release. Expect more details from the show floor in the next couple of days.

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