E3: Capcom announces One Piece Mansion for US

[05.17.00] » Puzzle gameplay meets apartment management.

    Hidden amid the company's bigger announcements today at E3, Capcom quietly announced a relatively unknown game for US release. One Piece Mansion puts players in charge of a new apartment mansion, with the goal of amassing a fortune and expanding the building while keeping the residents happy.

   Each tenant has their own special needs -- meet them and more will move in allowing you to add on to your mansion. But if the apartment dwellers grow too upset with the living situation, they'll skip town with the rent. The diverse tenants, which includes everyone from stereotypical cat ladies to ninjas, will react to each of their neighbors in different way. Players are tasked with finding the best possible arrangement to keep their boarders happy.

   One Piece Mansion will be released in the US sometime this Fall. Look for full impressions from GIA as E3 progresses.

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