E3: Resident Evil Code: Veronica X to include Wesker's Report

[05.17.00] » US version of REC:V to feature series bonus disc; Devil May Cry demo available at "select retail outlets."

    Capcom announced today that the PS2 port of Resident Evil Code: Veronica will include the Wesker's Report bonus disc. Released in Japan as part of the massive Five Year Anniversary Biohazard suitcase, Wesker Report features interviews with series creator Shinji Mikami and other RE teammembers, as well as a recap of the entire RE storyline, narrated by series villain Albert Wesker. Brand new footage has been created for this special disc to fills in a few of the gaps between the various RE titles.

   The 2-DVD set, now titled the Five Year Anniversary Edition, will not feature the promised Devil May Cry demo, but the demo will be available for free with the purchase of the game at "select retail outlets."

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