E3: Rare announces Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers

[05.16.01] » Kong family to star in Game Boy Advance puzzle title.

   Rare today announced Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers, a Donkey Kong-based puzzle game for the Game Boy Advance. In the game, paint-filled coconuts fall in set patterns onto a grid. When the coconuts strike, they shatter, leaving square tiles of paint on the board. Players must manipulate the falling coconuts so that the paint forms squares and rectangles. The paint comes in two different colors, red and green; shapes must be made of only one paint color. While players can paint over an existing paint tile with the other color, they cannot place coconuts over tiles of the same color.

   Players will also have to contend with the nefarious Kremlings. While players are shuffling coconuts, a Kremling spirals in from the outside of the board, trampling over the paint and rendering unusable any tile he touches. However, whenever the player successfully completes a shape, one of the Kongs' animal buddies will appear and drive away the Kremling, restoring some of the lost tiles.

   All the standard puzzle game modes will be featured in Coconut Crackers. Players can attempt increasingly difficult levels as they venture across Kong Island in the Adventure Mode, square off head-to-head against Kremling bosses in the Battle Mode, and solve Cranky Kong's puzzles in the Challenge Mode. A multi-player mode using the link cable will also be included.

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