Final Fantasy X 2-disc release nixed

[05.14.01] » Single disc version now only version, but new bonus disc to be included.

   Square confirmed today that it has canceled the 2-DVD release of Final Fantasy X in favor of just a single-disc release. Fans won't have to worry about missing out the higher-quality video and sound planned for the special edition, however: Square explains that it was able to achieve with a single disc the quality it was aiming for in the special edition, thus making a two-disc release unnecessary.

   A new bonus DVD video disc has also been added to the Final Fantasy X package. Titled "Other Side of the Finalfantasy," [sic] the disc will include developer interviews, storyboards, a Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within trailer, and footage of upcoming Square titles.

   Final Fantasy X's release date remains unaffected by this change. The game is due out July 19th in Japan at a price of 8800 yen ($71 US). North American and European releases will follow in 2002; it's currently unknown if these versions will include the Other Side of the Finalfantasy disc.

   Thanks to Nick Rox for the news.

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Final Fantasy X
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