E3: No US release for Star Ocean: Blue Sphere?

[05.25.01] » An American release for the GBC sidestory to Star Ocean highly unlikely.

   During our meeting with Enix at last week's E3, the GIA had the chance to ask about a possible state side release for Star Ocean: Blue Sphere. Unfortunately for tri-Ace fans, the prospects don't look good for a US release for the Game Boy Color spin-off from Star Ocean: The Second Story.

   The Japanese version of the game is using a 32 Megabit cart, one of the largest Game Boy Color cartridge sizes available. The Enix rep we spoke to explained that the translation and English font would easily bump the cart size up another notch and make the game's retail price in the US prohibitively expensive. Considering SO:BS is already priced at a hefty 5800 yen (about $47 US) in Japan, we're inclined to agree.

   The game is still due out in Japan on June 28 and though Enix has made no formal announcement about its US status, the game's Japan-only fate seems all but sealed.

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Star Ocean: Blue Sphere
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