Natsume announces release date for Lufia: The Legend Returns

[05.10.01] » U.S. release in July; releases in Japan, Europe to follow.

   Natsume today announced a U.S. release date of July 2001 for their Game Boy Color RPG, Lufia: The Legend Returns, with Japanese and European releases to follow. Lufia: The Legend Returns is one of the largest original RPGs ever created for the Game Boy Color.

   Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume Inc, says, "It was not an easy thing to reunite the same people involved in the development of Lufia II for the SNES. The compelling story line, music, graphics and game control are all an integral part to the world of Lufia. A reunion of the development team was essential to create this chapter in order to maintain the same gaming world of Lufia."

   Masahide Miyata, Director and Scenario writer of Lufia, Lufia II and Lufia: The Legend Returns, says, "We believe that the fun factor of the game remains the same, even if the game console has been changed. We put all the know-how we accumulated through Lufia and Lufia II to create this latest chapter, Lufia: The Legend Returns. This is not just an another RPG, but instead is a piece of work that every member has put their soul into." Though the system is smaller, the adventure should be as large as ever.

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Lufia: The Legend Returns
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