E3: Gamecube release date, games revealed

[05.16.01] » Battle of the titans set for early November.

   Nintendo revealed at their pre-E3 press conference that the Gamecube would be launching on November 5, a mere three days before the Microsoft Xbox. Among the major titles for the system are Pikimin, a "ground-breaking life simulation action-strategy game" from Shigeru Miyamoto. Also confirmed to be in development were a number of often-rumored titles, including Metroid Prime, Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, and Eternal Darkness, as well as Kameo: Elements of Power, Animal Forest, Raven Blade, and The Legend of Zelda. No game release dates have been announced up to this point in the press conference. Likewise, Nintendo has announced that it will not announce pricing points for the system or games at E3.

   The GIA will have more from the Nintendo press conference, as well as E3, as it happens.

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