E3: First ToeJam & Earl 3 footage

[05.17.01] » Jammin'.

   Cloudchaser Media has scored the first video of Sega's ToeJam & Earl 3 in action. In the video, ToeJam & Earl race around floating paths with classic ToeJam & Earl enemies, such as the Fat Man & Mower and Boogie Man, pursuing them -- gameplay greatly reminsicent of the original ToeJam & Earl title. (Of course, the Funkotronian pair is now rendered in 3-D for their first Dreamcast outing.) ToeJam even makes use of the classic Rocket Skates power-up. As in the first ToeJam & Earl, players explore with a full screen when ToeJam & Earl are together or when playing alone; when the team splits up, the screen divides horizontally into two separate windows. Small portraits and meters in the corners of the screens appear to track the duo's status.

E3 footage
MPEG, 160x112, 0.5 MB

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