Square EA announces E3 line-up

[05.07.01] » A pair of Final Fantasy titles to appear at next week's show.

   Square EA today announced its line-up of titles to be shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The slim roster consists of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy Chronicles, as well as a peek of the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie. There's no word yet on whether FF X and FF Chronicles will be playable at the show or just displayed on video.

   While the Square's small selection of titles may be disappointing to some fans, it's not much of a surprise - Square is actually showing every non-WonderSwan title it has announced. (While Mattel was once reported to be bringing the handheld WonderSwan system to North America, such plans have not been addressed in a long time and it's unlikely the console will ever cross the Pacific.)

   Of course, it's always possible that Square plans to reveal a new game at the show, such as at 1999's E3, when the company showed a surprise first video of Parasite Eve II.

   The Electronic Entertainment Expo runs next week from May 17th to 19th.

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