E3: Tengai Makyou returns

[05.17.01] » Red Company's classic RPG series appears to be headed to the Game Boy Advance -- and North America.

   Slipped in near the bottom of Nintendo's Game Boy Advance release list is a entry for what seems to be the next installment in Hudson and Red Company's Tengai Makyou series. Titled "Tengai Makyou: Oriental Blue," the game is listed with Nintendo as the publisher, but no other details are given.

   Originally released on the Turbo Duo and Saturn, the Tengai Makyou series is best known for its setting usual: the first three games took place in a skewed version of Japan, while the fourth game was set in an equally-skewed United States. Judging from the Oriental Blue subtitle, the new Tengai Makyou game appears to bring the series back to Japan -- or Oriental Blue could be a remake of the first three chapters.

   None of the previous Tengai Makyou games were released North America, but the presence of Tengai Makyou: Oriental Blue on Nintendo's U.S. E3 list seems to indicate that trend is about to change. More concrete details on the game and its release plans may appear later during E3.

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