Contrail announces Legend of Legaia 2, reveals Wild Arms 3

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   Magic Box today posted the first screenshots of two upcoming PlayStation 2 RPGs: Wild Arms Advanced 3rd and the brand new Legend of Legaia 2.

   Previously unannounced, Legend of Legaia 2 will star a new hero named "Lang" and a red-haired female character named Shorenite. (Both these names are unofficial romanizations.) However, the martial arts-based combat system and summoning-based magic systems will return from the first Legend of Legaia title. Legend of Legaia 2 also makes use of the same fully-3-D graphics style as its predecessor, though the sequel's graphics appear significantly more realistic.

   Announced in April, Wild Arms Advanced 3rd has now been revealed to use cel-shaded graphics, the graphic style popularized by the Jet Set Radio series. Other details are still sparse, but it seems you'll be adopt different fighting stances in battle. The few screens available also reveal that each character now has an individual Force Point statistic and maximum. Tentative character names include Varlenia, Qua, and Gyaro DX.

Legend of Legaia 2
Wild Arms Advanced 3rd

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