Dragon Warrior III GBC release date announced

[05.15.01] » Next dose of Dragon Warrior to arrive in America this July.

   Enix America announced today that the Game Boy Color port of Dragon Warrior III will be released on July 17 in America. Based on the Super Famicom upgrade of the game, the GBC version will incorporate new mini-games, improved graphics, a new translation, and the ability to save at any time. The game will also employ one of the largest GBC cart sizes ever released in the US -- a hefty 32 Megabits, making it as large as some of the final SNES releases.

   Enix is kicking off its "Year of the Dragon" with this release; series fans still have Dragon Warrior Monsters II and the much anticipated release of Dragon Warrior VII to look forward to later in the year. "The buzz surrounding `The Year of the Dragon' has been absolutely phenomenal," said Paul Handelman, president of Enix America. "Fans of the NES version will be amazed at the resolution and detail of its Game Boy Color counterpart, and we are proud to bring this stirring new adventure to role-players everywhere."

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Dragon Warrior III
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