Magical Vacation gameplay details, screens

[05.08.01] » New gameplay information and 3 new screens of Brownie Brown's "communication RPG."

   New gameplay details have surfaced on Magical Vacation, the first project from Brownie Brown, a new Nintendo-funded team comprised of many veterans of Square's Seiken Densetsu series. Despite the team's action RPG pedigree, the Game Boy Advance title will employ a turn based battle system. Battles occur on a small 3x5 grid and each character's position and orientation will have a strategic importance for attack and defense.

   Much of Magical Vacation's gameplay, however, remains a mystery. Brownie Brown continues to call the game a "communication RPG," but it may be some time before the company reveals exactly what that means. In the meantime, take a look at 3 new screens of the game in action.

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Magical Vacation
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