E3: Capcom reveals its future plans

[05.21.01] » Capcom strays from the norm, decides to make a few sequels.

    In an interview with IGNPS2, Yoshiki Okamoto of Capcom Japan mentioned numerous games that were in various stages of production. The most notable of these was Resident Evil 4, which Okamoto said would not be an online game. He did mention, though, that an online Resident Evil was being planned, and would be one of the major aspects of Capcom's future plans. Okamoto also reiterated that Dino Crisis 3 would be an Xbox exclusive, though Dino Crisis 4 would be a multi-platform title. In regards to system exclusive titles, Okamoto said that exclusives would be decided on a title-by-title basis, and that exclusives would tend to be titles that had a narrower range of appeal. Finally, Okamoto also suggested that Devil May Cry would be recieving a sequel in the near future.

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