E3: Final Fantasy Chronicles translation update

[05.17.01] » "You spoony bard!", other well-known lines to remain in Final Fantasy IV - plus PlayStation 2 compatibilty news.

   RPGFan has taken a first look at the English translation of the games in Final Fantasy Chronicles, a pack consisting of the PlayStation versions of Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger. As already confirmed, Square will be retranslating Final Fantasy IV to fit the "Hardtype" version of the game. While the new translation should be closer to the original Japanese, Square will retain some of the original translation's most popular lines, such as Tellah's anguished cry of "You spoony bard!"

   RPGFan also reported on Final Fantasy Chronicles' PlayStation 2 compatibility. According to a Square representative, both games should be playable on the PS2, though Final Fantasy IV encounters music tempo problems and the dash button does not work properly. Chrono Trigger does not have any known compatibility issues.

   The GIA will go hands on with Final Fantasy IV soon. Look for our full impressions tonight.

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Final Fantasy Chronicles
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