Silent Hill 2 to be Xbox launch title

[05.23.01] » Konami's survival horror title coming to Xbox this year with extra features included.

   In a recent interview with Computer and Video Games, Silent Hill 2 producer Akihiro Imamura stated that his game will be an Xbox launch title. While Imamura didn't specify whether he was referring to the North American Xbox launch on November 8th of this year or the Japanese launch in early 2002, it seems probable that the game will make the North American launch. The original PlayStation 2 edition of Silent Hill 2 is due out this fall as well, so an Xbox release around the same time is certainly a reasonable proposition.

   Imamura also confirmed that the Xbox version of the title would include story elements or game areas not found in the PlayStation 2 release.

   For more of Imamura's thoughts on his latest production, check out Computer and Video Games' full interview.

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Silent Hill 2
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