Final Metal Gear Solid 2 interview details

[05.22.01] » Operation Clambake goes into effect.

   Although MGS2 has "submerged," it took one last breath of air before going down: Computer & Video Games scored the final interview with Hideo Kojima before he cuts contact with the media and concentrates full-time on the game.

   The biggest story-related surprise was Kojima's explanation of just what happened to Ocelot when he removed his glove. Apparently, Liquid Snake's personality is alive and well and living in Ocelot's artificial hand; what showgoers saw in the video was Liquid reacting to Snake's presence by possessing Ocelot.

   Other interesting bits in the trailer include detailed explanations of how the dynamic musical score will be implemented into the game, discussions of whether or not MGS2 will use the planned hard drive and online adapters, and Kojima's stance on violence in videogames. Check out Computer & Video Games for the full story.

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Metal Gear Solid 2
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