Final Fantasy X bonus track survey: final results

[05.11.01] » "Aerith's Theme" to be re-orchestrated, given lyrics.

   Voting has concluded in Square's PlayOnline survey to determine which music track will be remixed for inclusion on the CD single of the Final Fantasy X's theme "Suteki da ne."

   "Aerith's Theme" from Final Fantasy VII won a clear mandate from series' fans with 1794 votes, over three times as many as the next runner up, "You're Not Alone" from FF IX. Other notable also-rans include "Battle With Gilgamesh" from FF V with 309 votes and "Aria de Mezzo Caraterre" from FFVI with 283 votes.

    "Aerith's Theme" will receive new orchestration and added lyrics, to be sung by "Suteki da ne" vocalist Rikki. In additon to these two songs, the single will also include an original track from Rikki entitled "Utikisama," which translates as "The Moon." The CD single will likely be released sometime around FFX's launch on July 19.

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