New Dreamcast release dates

[05.25.01] » Find out when to expect Phantasy Star Online ver. 2, Bomberman Online, Shenmue II and ToeJam & Earl 3 in North America.

   GameSpot VG has posted a new list of release dates for the final wave of Dreamcast games. The Dreamcast version of Phantasy Star Online ver. 2 is now set for a July release, with Shenmue II to follow in November. ToeJam & Earl 3 and Bomberman Online are also on the list, with estimates of "fall 2001" and "3rd quarter 2001," respectively.

   Note that there are still several Dreamcast games that have not yet been announced and are not on the list, including United Game Artists' K-Project and the Space Channel 5 sequel.

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Phantasy Star Online ver. 2
Shenmue II
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