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[05.18.01] » Final Fantasy V and VI Piano Collections rereleases planned; other albums confirmed and recieve release dates

   Based on the apparently positive reception of the previously announced Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections rerelease, Square has decided to go ahead and rerelease the Final Fantasy V and VI Piano Collections as well. As before, the new albums will come in regular CD jewels and will not include the hardcover sheet music that was a part of earlier printings. They will be released under the catalog numbers NTCP-1002 (FF5), and NTCP-1003 (FF6). While no cover art is available for the new albums as of yet, it's reasonable to believe that they will be similar to the Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections cover art shown below.

   It has also been confirmed that Square is planning a third volume in the Final Fantasy Vocal Collections series, which thus far consists of Final Fantasy: Pray, and Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow. The new addition, catalog number SSCX-10052, was previously announced with a release date of March 5th, before being temporarily cancelled by Square. It's now back on release lists, and slated to come out on June 20th.

   Lastly, the Final Fantasy X OSV has been confirmed for an August 1st release. As with Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX, the first printing will be a limited edition featuring special packaging. Also, as with the last two games, the theme song, "Suteki da Ne," will be published as a CD single. The single has a planned release date of July 18th, and will include the vocal arrangement of Aerith's Theme, the winner of Square's previously reported poll to select a track for vocal arrangement. Although tracks will be sung by Okinawan folk artist Rikki, the lyrics for the new arrangement will be provided by Emiko Shiratori, the singer who recorded Final Fantasy IX's "Melodies of Life."

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