E3: Still more on Star Fox Adventures

[05.16.01] » New character details, plus additional screens and the logo.

   Additional information on Rare's Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet continues to emerge from E3. Rob the Robot will return from StarFox 64; as in that game, his job is to supervise Fox's missions and furnish him with supplies.

   New details were also revealed about Fox's sidekick Tricky. The young triceratops Prince is described as "friendly but smart-mouthed"; while he's initially reluctant to team up with Fox McCloud, he eventually finds himself forced into an alliance. Tricky uses "Sidekick Skills" to assist Fox as he explores Dinosaur Planet.

   Finally, the Krazoa holding heroine Krystal captive is not a character at all, but an "ancient force."

   More on Star Fox Adventures can be found in the GIA's previous E3 stories.

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