E3: Hanasaki Gassen coming to North America?

[05.17.01] » Intense flowing blooming action may be in the Game Boy Advance's future. Yes, we're baffled too.

   Nintendo seems to have added yet another Japanese game to its release schedule. The company's Game Boy Advance game list reports that Nintendo of Japan's flower blooming simulation Hanasaki Gassen will be appearing at E3 under the literally-translated title "Flower Blooming Competition."

   While Hanasaki Gassen is by no means a new game -- it was one of the initial GBA titles announced at Space World last year -- information on the oddball game remains scarce. A search by the GIA turned up no media and no game details other than the fact that Flower Blooming Competition will be a flower blooming competition competition.

   Flower Blooming Competition currently does not have a release date in either North America or Japan.

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