E3: More on Nintendo's Card-e-Reader

[05.16.01] » Game Boy Advance peripheral to link Game Boy Advance game, card games.

   Nintendo has announced new details on how its upcoming Card-e-Reader peripheral for the Game Boy Advance will function. Currently under development as a joint project between Nintendo and Olympus Optical Co., the Card-e-Reader device will be used to read barcodes from the upcoming line of "Card-e" Pokémon Trading Card Game cards. The barcodes can be used display the card's characteristics, function, and rules on the Game Boy Advance screen.

   The Card-e Reader look to have even more uses in the future. According to the initial announcement of the peripheral, the data from the cards will be used in a future GBA Pokémon title. Nintendo also suggests that programs could be stored on the card. Up to 3,360 bytes of text, image, and sound data can be stored on a card; "easily" enough for "a short game program," according to Nitnendo.

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