Super Puzzle Fighter II announced for Dreamcast

[05.12.01] » Capcom's addictive puzzler is coming to DC with online play, but only in Japan.

   Capcom has announced that Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, which has previously appeared in arcades and on PlayStation and Saturn, will soon be making its way to Dreamcast. The new version, titled Super Puzzle Fighter IIX for Matching Service, will likely be a faithful port of the 1996 original, but will have the additional feature of online play.

   Unfortunately, as with all of Capcom's Matching Service games, the online play only functions within Japan. The Dreamcast version will be arriving there sometime in July at a price of 3800 yen (about $ 31 US). There is no word on a possible US release for the game, but if it does arrive, expect the online play to be removed.

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Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
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