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September 1999
09.30.99 Final Fantasy Movie character details
09.30.99 Japanese games on a US Dreamcast?
09.29.99 Suikoden II hits stores
09.29.99 More on Onimusha
09.29.99 Zelda Gaiden, Ura Zelda update
09.29.99 Langrisser Millennium Japanese release date
09.29.99 More on Tales of Eternia
09.27.99 Resident Evil: Code Veronica to have Zip Drive support
09.26.99 King's Field comes to PlayStation 2
09.26.99 Phantasy Star Online plot details
09.26.99 KDino Crisis mod-chip crisis solved
09.24.99 No DVD movies on US Dolphin?
09.22.99 Phantasy Star Online offline details
09.22.99 Tales of Eternia gets a date
09.21.99 TGS: Popolocrois III demo movie
09.21.99 TGS: Eternal Ring movie
09.21.99 RPG making goes portable
09.21.99 Konami announces PSX2 RPG
09.20.99 Valkyrie Profile to receive limited edition treatment
09.20.99 PS2 Final Fantasy to use online Sony network
09.20.99 TGS: Eternal Ring screen shots
09.19.99 TGS: Koudelka confirmed for U.S. release
09.19.99 TGS: A Large Harvest
09.19.99 TGS: First Phantasy Star Online shots
09.18.99 TGS: Growlanser impressions, release date
09.18.99 TGS: Valkyrie Profile impressions
09.18.99 TGS: Eternal Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online MIA
09.18.99 TGS: Parasite Eve II update
09.18.99 TGS: More on Chrono Trigger PSX
09.18.99 TGS: Square hints at Final Fantasy IX unveiling
09.17.99 TGS: Square announces U.S. release dates
09.17.99 More on the Zelda GBC trilogy
09.17.99 TGS: Chrono Trigger PSX rerelease to feature video sequences throughout
09.17.99 Many more Shen Mues on the way?
09.17.99 TGS: Resident Evil 3 to include PocketStation support
09.17.99 TGS: Onimusha's shift to PlayStation 2 confirmed
09.17.99 TGS: Phantasy Star Online is official
09.17.99 TGS: Sega delays online gaming until second half of 2000
09.17.99 TGS: Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher GBC in development
09.16.99 TGS: Team Ninja head discusses new Ninja Gaiden title for Playstation 2
09.16.99 TGS: New details on Resident Evil: Code Veronica
09.16.99 TGS: PS2 to interface with WonderSwan
09.16.99 TGS: Parasite Eve 2 resurfaces
09.15.99 FF VIII sells 400,000 in first 5 days
09.15.99 New trailer for Pokémon: The First Movie
09.14.99 First Popolocrois III screen shots
09.14.99 More PlayStation 2 specs
09.14.99 U.S. publishers sign on for PlayStation 2
09.13.99 Eternal Ring announced
09.13.99 Onimusha moves to PlayStation 2
09.13.99 Sony announces Dark Cloud
09.13.99 Second Tales of Eternia image
09.13.99 PlayStation 2 officially announced
09.12.99 Activision offers new Blue Stingers
09.12.99 Famitsu rates Climax Landers
09.12.99 First Tales of Eternia image
09.11.99 Thousand Arms delayed again?
09.11.99 Pokémon finally reaches Europe
09.10.99 Pokémon Gold and Silver get U.S. release dates
09.10.99 Pokémon Card U.S.-bound
09.10.99 Namco announces Tales of Eternia
09.10.99 Phantasy Star Online
09.09.99 Alundra 2 update
09.07.99 Evolution scheduled for December
09.07.99 Alundra 2 announced
09.07.99 Ogre Battle goes portable
09.05.99 New Chrono Cross characters revealed
09.05.99 Working Designs shuffles schedule
09.05.99 More on Bubble Bobble GBC
09.04.99 Digicube to release Final Fantasy VIII Desktop Accessories
09.04.99 Sakura Taisen 3 in development
09.04.99 Vagrant Story delayed
09.04.99 Growlanser set for November
09.04.99 Um Jammer Lammy arcade-bound
09.03.99 New Breath of Fire IV characters
09.03.99 Square estimates $40 million for PSX2 Final Fantasy
09.03.99 First Legend of Dragoon screens
09.02.99 Hironobu Sakaguchi interview
09.01.99 Sony announces Legend of Dragoon
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