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[09.18.99] » First shots of the new anime scenes, plus hints at a connection to Chrono Cross.

   The first screenshots of the Chrono Trigger PSX's anime scenes have hit the web, courtesy of, and they'll soon be turning some heads. The over 20 minutes of animation produced by Bird Studio looks outstanding, and the characters remain extremely faithful to the original Akira Toriyama designs -- even the robots Lucca is fighting look just like their sprite equivalents. The first three screens are likely from an intro of sorts, while the fourth obviously is drawn from the early scene in 600 A.D. in which Marle disappears as a result of Crono's tinkering with time.

   Perhaps even more excitingly, the main ending will feature extra anime scenes that tie in Chrono Trigger's story with Crono Cross's, the latter of which reportedly takes place 20 years after CT -- which may be reason enough for many Chrono fans to purchase the new edition. The PlayStation version of Chrono Trigger also features a number of enhancement similar to Final Fantasy VI's "Omake" mode. Specifics weren't given, but expect to see features such as a monster and Tech compendium or game statistics screen (hours played, battles fought, etc.).

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