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August 1999
08.31.99 Um Jammer Live at the Roxy
08.31.99 Nintendo to release Pokémaniac N64 in Australia
08.31.99 Soul Reaver quietly cut before release (spoilers)
08.30.99 D2 rescheduled in Japan
08.30.99 D2 rescheduled in Japan
08.30.99 Nintendo gets Bomberman 2
08.29.99 Eternal Arcadia storyline information
08.29.99 WinBack tuned up
08.29.99 Super Mario Adventure comes into focus
08.28.99 Chrono Trigger PSX to include Chrono Cross demo
08.27.99 Sights and sounds at Space World
08.27.99 Mother 3 impressions
08.27.99 Nintendo announces Game Boy 2
08.27.99 Pokémon Gold and Silver displayed
08.27.99 Massive Zelda Gaiden update
08.27.99 U.S. Evolution gets upgraded
08.27.99 Space World movies
08.26.99 Tommo grabs Espionage Agents and Monster Breeders
08.26.99 Eternal Arcadia revealed
08.26.99 Famitsu lukewarm on Wild Arms 2
08.26.99 Revelations: The Demon Slayer released
08.26.99 Bandai brings FF VIII cards to U.S.
08.25.99 Dragon Quest VII moves back to 1999
08.25.99 Dragon Warrior Monsters reproduce
08.25.99 Lammy concert web broadcast
08.25.99 Ubi Soft doesn't get Grandia II
08.24.99 D2 gets U.S. release timeframe
08.24.99 Valkyries to ride in November
08.24.99 Dragon Quest III goes portable
08.24.99 New Phantasy Star game in the works?
08.24.99 More Zelda Gaiden info
08.23.99 D2 U.S. release confirmed
08.23.99 Project Ares = Eternal Arkadia?
08.23.99 Um Jammer Lammy inspires live concert
08.23.99 Koudelka release date set
08.23.99 Super Mario Adventure release date and price announced
08.23.99 Final Fantasy Movie sequences revealed
08.21.99 Zelda GBC plot, gameplay information
08.21.99 64DD Zelda still in the works
08.20.99 Evolution 2 gameplay update
08.20.99 Chrono Trigger PSX port confirmed
08.20.99 More on Zelda Gaiden
08.19.99 Pokémon: The Movie trailer download
08.19.99 New GBC Zelda revealed
08.19.99 New Dragon Quest VII gameplay information
08.19.99 Wild Arms 2 trailer released
08.19.99 New D2 gameplay details
08.19.99 FF VIII Guardian Force figures revealed
08.18.99 Enix sets high hopes for Dragon Quest VII
08.18.99 Zelda Gaiden to support Expansion Pak
08.18.99 Ubi Soft nabs Evolution
08.17.99 More on U.S. Lammy changes
08.17.99 Xenogears debug code
08.16.99 Yoshitaka Amano working on new Final Fantasy
08.16.99 PlayStation, Nintendo 64 drop price to $99
08.15.99 Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver ships
08.13.99 Final Fantasy VIII delayed...
08.13.99 Still more Thousand Arms news
08.12.99 Pikachu continues march towards world domination
08.12.99 Working Designs considers Dreamcast
08.12.99 More on Thousand Arms extras
08.12.99 Monster Rancher cartoon to debut
08.11.99 US FF VIII mod-friendly
08.10.99 Wild Arms 2 gameplay systems unveiled
08.10.99 Blue Stinger to feature color manual
08.09.99 Arc the Lad III, Dew Prism release dates set
08.07.99 Climax Landers delayed once more
08.07.99 Hybrid Heaven, Echo Night 2 rate highly
08.07.99 Chocobo Racing to include Chocobo's Dungeon 2 demo
08.06.99 Final Fantasy VII debug code
08.04.99 The GIA launches Community
08.04.99 First Zelda Gaiden screens
08.04.99 Shen Mue demo disc hits Japan
08.04.99 Tri-Ace and Enix announce new RPG
08.04.99 Evolution 2 cast expands
08.04.99 Soul Reaver passes approval
08.04.99 New Dragon Quest VII revelations
08.03.99 Evolution, Seventh Cross, Black Matrix all U.S.-bound
08.03.99 Pokémon trailer to be attached to Iron Giant
08.02.99 Eidos, Enix sign publishing deal
08.02.99 Columbia Pictures officially announces FF Movie cast
08.02.99 FF VIII Guardian Force figure update
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