Sights and sounds at Space World

[08.27.99] » We've got first-hand photos and movies from the floor at Nintendo's Space World, including clips of the oddly hilarious live-action Pokémon play.

   Nintendo's pumped millions of dollars into their exclusive Space World tradeshow currently underway in Japan, and showgoers attending the public event are treated to a dazzling exhibition of sight and sound. Our man from Japan has captured a variety of photographs and movies from the show floor, spending a worrisome amount of time on the live-action Pokémon play. (Three movies are available below the screen shots.)

   The play consisted of several different Pokémon running around on stage, engaging in various antics while attempting to escape from the mischievious Meowth. At one point Meowth attempts to capture Pikachu and friends in a Pokéball, but finds the ball stuck to his paw. Other times, the scenery bordered on the surreal, with very bizarre and rhythmic music accompanying Pokémon dances. After the play, staff handed out special Pokémon music CDs.

   We'll have more from the show floor over the next few days.

Pokémon play, part 1
MPEG, 160x112, 432 K

Pokémon play, part 2
MPEG, 160x112, 272 K

Pokémon play, part 3
MPEG, 160x112, 264 K

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