FF VIII Guardian Force figures revealed

[08.19.99] » U.S. Government awards Gilgamesh the Honorary Medal of Being the Man Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

   Fritz's box artwork updates may have thrilled you to the core, but nothing could prepare you for this: Final Fantasy VIII Guardian Force figures. All eight figures in all their plastimolded glory, including the previously unrevealed GILGAMESH. For those of you who have forgotten, GILGAMESH is the man, and his figure only solidifies his position. Eight sculpted arms, a flowing cloak, and three powerful weapons: the Masamune, Excalibur, and Excalipur. Where's his fourth, you ask? In the game, Gilgamesh receives his fourth sword, Zantetsuken ("Iron Cutting Sword"), from Odin. The other available figures are Bahamut, Cerberus, Diablos, Ifrit, Odin, Shiva, and Siren. We have yet to see a completed Ragnarok (each of the eight figures comes with a single piece of the giant spaceship).

   I think I hear Fritz snickering in the background. Well, Fritz, what would you say if I told you that we also have the packaging these figures came in? Not so funny now, is it? IS IT? Sigh ... Guardian Force figures and figure packaging. It's a wonderful life.

   Thanks to FF VIII Source and SOLDIER_1stClass.

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