Evolution, Seventh Cross, Black Matrix all U.S.-bound

[08.03.99] » Tommo's RPG releases finally confirmed.

   Worried about a lack of Dreamcast RPGs? Worry no more. In addition to Sega's Climax Landers (due out in October), Tommo will bringing at least three more RPGs over to North American shores. While Tommo is normally just a distributor / retailer, the GIA has confirmed that the company is now branching into the publishing business as well.

   First up is Evolution, long-rumored to be on its way across the Pacific, but only now confirmed. Translation work is said to be complete, and the title is currently planned for release in late September.

   Following hot on Evolution's heels are two strategy-RPGs: Seventh Cross (due out in late September or early October) and Saturn port Black Matrix (expected in early November). Both titles were released by NEC in Japan, and, indeed, will be translated by NEC -- Tommo will only handle distribution and publishing. A third NEC title, Sengoku Turb, is also being considered for a December release.

   More information on Evolution and Seventh Cross can be found in the GIA's coverage of the titles. Look for full previews of Sengoku Turb and Black Matrix shortly.

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