Chrono Trigger PSX port confirmed

[08.20.99] » Anime scenes will appear throughout the PlayStation version, due out this fall in Japan.

   Unsubstantiated rumors of a PlayStation update of the original Chrono Trigger have persisted for quite some time, but now they're rumor no more: the latest issue of Japan's V-Jump magazine confirms the PlayStation port.

   As with the Final Fantasy ports, Chrono Trigger PSX is almost identical to the SNES version; there won't be any graphical or audio enhancements. New FMV anime scenes have been added, however, and they'll appear during key events throughout the game. (The Final Fantasy PSX ports only include FMV at the beginning and end of each game.) Such anime scenes are the ones previously reported as being developed for an Akira Toriyama game; Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger's sequel, uses CG movies.

   The new Chrono Trigger is due out this fall in Japan. A U.S. release is still up in the air -- none of the stand-alone PSX Final Fantasy ports made it across the Pacific. However, the marketability of any Chrono Trigger game is undeniable, especially if Square includes a variety of extras similar to FF VI's Omake mode.

   Thanks to Nick Rox for the story.

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