Project Ares = Eternal Arkadia?

[08.23.99] » Famitsu uncovers what will likely be the official title of Project Ares.

   According to the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Sega will soon announce a new RPG by the name of Eternal Arkadia. Astute readers may remember that Sega is also set to officially announce the official name of "Project Ares" -- the new Dreamcast RPG from the Phantasy Star team -- in late August. Given the identical timing of the announcement of Eternal Arkadia and Project Ares, it's almost a sure bet that Eternal Arkadia is Project Ares's final title.

   Only the basic premise of "Project Ares" is known: an RPG set in a world resembling our Age of Exploration, in which the player's party explores a new continent. Expect a complete look at the gameplay and storyline at the imminent press conference.

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Eternal Arkadia
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