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January 2001
01.31.01 Chu Chu Rocket confirmed as GBA launch title
01.31.01 Sakura Taisen jumps to PlayStation 2
01.31.01 Shenmue II gets North American release date
01.31.01 Sega to drop price of Dreamcast, liquidate inventory
01.31.01 Ulala dances to the PlayStation 2, Chu-Chu Rocket to Game Boy Advance
01.31.01 Phantasy Star Online ships
01.31.01 Hideo Kojima defines Metal Gear Solid X
01.31.01 Sega Smash Pack ships
01.29.01 Metal Gear series coming to an end?
01.29.01 PlayStation 2 PaRappa game in the works
01.29.01 Yamauchi says no to Square
01.28.01 Kessen II release date update
01.28.01 Code: Veronica X to include Devil May Cry demo
01.27.01 Final Fantasy movie budget disclosed
01.27.01 New Final Fantasy X details
01.27.01 Xbox's Dreamcast compatibility denied
01.26.01 Square announces two versions of Final Fantasy X, more unknown titles
01.26.01 PSO confirmed to be usable with broadband?
01.26.01 New Shenmue II character details
01.26.01 Monster Rancher PS2 details, release date
01.25.01 Is the Xbox Dreamcast compatible?
01.25.01 Unison North America-bound
01.25.01 Onimusha U.S. release date, pre-order details
01.24.01 Resident Evil Code: Veronica Complete U.S.-bound?
01.24.01 Sega reveals Farnation details
01.24.01 ToeJam & Earl III confirmed for Dreamcast
01.24.01 Sega confirms negotiations for PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance development
01.24.01 El Dorado Gate to see U.S. release?
01.24.01 Agetec announces Kuri Kuri Mix for U.S. release
01.24.01 Space Channel 5 sequel officially confirmed
01.23.01 Magical Vacation headed west
01.23.01 Square plans elaborate FF IX Piano Collections launch
01.23.01 Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 date changes again
01.23.01 Sony to release free The Devil & I demo discs
01.23.01 Square solidifies Final Fantasy movie dates
01.23.01 New Phantasy Star Online costumes discovered
01.23.01 Capcom announces Biohazard 5th Anniversary Commemorative Package
01.23.01 Samba de Amigo 2001 soundtrack details
01.23.01 Konami to offer micropayment game music downloads
01.23.01 Tentative domestic release date for Final Fantasy X revealed
01.22.01 Square plans yet another Final Fantasy title
01.22.01 New details on Zone of Enders anime
01.22.01 Square goes crazy at strategy conference
01.22.01 First Dr. Mario 64 screens, details
01.22.01 Disney Dance Dance Revolution in North America?
01.22.01 Lunar 2 strategy guide delayed
01.21.01 Dr. Mario 64 announced
01.21.01 Sakaguchi discusses Final Fantasy's future
01.21.01 Phantasy Star Online soundtrack bound
01.21.01 New Phantasy Star Online missions due
01.21.01 Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 delayed
01.21.01 New Shenmue II details, screens
01.21.01 Still more Final Fantasy X information
01.20.01 Hundred Swords not broadband compatible
01.19.01 Persona 2: Innocent Sin U.S. release still possible
01.19.01 Dance Dance Revolution U.S. details
01.19.01 Final Fantasy X delayed
01.19.01 Chrono Trigger PSX and Final Fantasy IV PSX U.S. bound
01.19.01 Shin Megami Tensei, WildCard release dates
01.19.01 More Final Fantasy X details emerge
01.18.01 Tokyo Game Show plans announced
01.18.01 Famitsu rates Onimusha
01.18.01 PSO to be usable with broadband
01.18.01 Onimusha 2 revealed
01.17.01 New information on Kessen sequels
01.17.01 New Final Fantasy X battle, cast details
01.17.01 Kojima discusses upcoming PS2 games
01.17.01 Illbleed release date announced for Japan
01.17.01 Metroid in development for GBA?
01.16.01 Final Fantasy X official character names
01.16.01 Final GBA hardware colors and new screens
01.16.01 Final Fantasy X to have "Okinawan feel"
01.13.01 Dance Dance Revolution delayed in the US?
01.13.01 Mega Man 64 arrives
01.12.01 New Final Fantasy X character details
01.12.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 demo details
01.11.01 Final Fantasy X media
01.11.01 Final Fantasy X art
01.11.01 Sega Dreamcast Broadband Adapter ships
01.11.01 Monster Rancher coming to the Game Boy Advance
01.10.01 Sega offers Sakura Wars extras
01.10.01 Grandia II PC-bound
01.09.01 Camelot discusses RPG plans
01.08.01 Zelda: Mystical Seed of Power linking details
01.08.01 Kessen 3 for Xbox?
01.08.01 Xbox to feature no hardware regional lockout
01.07.01 Resident Evil 4 update
01.07.01 InterAct announces PS2 DexDrive
01.06.01 Exclusive Final Fantasy X footage and music
01.05.01 More new Final Fantasy X characters
01.05.01 Dragon Quest VII breaks 4 million
01.04.01 Final details, designs for Xbox hardware leaked
01.04.01 Okinawan vocalist chosen to sing Final Fantasy X main theme
01.02.01 Square plans special FF Movie PS2 disc
01.02.01 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within screen saver
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