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[01.21.01] » New interview reveals details on the game's experience system, world map, and logo.

   Final Fantasy X may have been delayed until July in Japan, but that hasn't stopped new information about the game from emerging. A recent interview with the project's leaders, conducted by Enterbrain and translated by The Madman's Cafe, reveals even more information on the game's characters and game systems.

   Yuna's father now has a name, now officially romanized as Braska. Tidus' father does not have a name yet, but it seems that he'll also play a role in the story. While many past Final Fantasy heroes had little knowledge of their fathers, Tidus wears a pendant that has some connection to his dad. Both Tidus' pendant and the identical insignia on his shorts are shaped in the form of his Blitzball team logo.

   Final Fantasy X's gameplay will have a theme of "Travel"; the game is said to include a much greater sense of travel than previous Final Fantasies. One such twist is already evident: as previously hinted at, Final Fantasy X will not feature a separate world map. Towns, the outdoors, and other locations will all form one continuous world. Some, though not all, battles will occur in the same environment in which the player moves, as in Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire III.

   Battle director Toshirou Tsuchida also hinted at another change in store for the series: FF X will not include generic experience points. Experience from battles will be gauged in a new, yet-to-be-revealed form. Tsuchida previously directed Front Mission 3, which still used experience points to a degree, but focused more on character skills and equiptment for advances.

   The team also revealed the origins of the game's logo. The logo encompasses three elements: the heroine Yuna, on the left; water, in the middle; and the malicious Sin, on the right. While Sin is depicted as a ball of fire in the logo, it's only a symbol of a force of nature. (Sin's name was previously romanized as "Shin"; "Sin" is official spelling used in English press materials.)

   The full text of the interview can be found at The Madman's Cafe.

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