Square announces two versions of Final Fantasy X, more unknown titles

[01.26.01] » Get ready for your first special edition 2-DVD game.

    Only days after Square's bold announcement of 23 games in development, further details of their RPG plans have emerged. Final Fantasy X will ship in two versions, a single DVD standard edition, and a "high-value added" double-DVD "extended definition/high-quality sound" version. What advantage the double-DVD version has to offer remains to be seen, but speculation suggests that it may feature anamorphic FMV and 5.1 Dolby Digital audio. The Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX remakes will come on DVDs and feature "version-upped" graphics and sound.

    Ten other major development projects have been revealed: a Disney RPG, an untiled online RPG, untitled simulation game, and three sports titles -- one of which will use PlayOnline. If that isn't enough, on the portables front an original RPG is in the works, as well as three non-Final Fantasy remakes. Though details remain scant, a Seiken Densetsu, Saga or other title from their vintage roster is well within the realm of possibility.

    Thanks to Nick Rox for help with this story.

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Final Fantasy X
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