Chu Chu Rocket confirmed as GBA launch title

[01.31.01] » Sonic Team's puzzler set to arrive in Japan this March, complete with four-player support.

   At least one of Sega's three announced games for the Game Boy Advance will be finished in time for the systems launch. IGNPocket reports that Sonic Team's multiplayer puzzle game Chu Chu Rocket will ship on March 21 in Japan, the same day as the Game Boy Advance.

   Unsurprisingly, Sega has also confirmed that the game will support a four player mode, using the GBA's link cable. Whether four-players will be able to play from one copy of the game, a feature supported by several of Nintendo's launch game, is currently unknown. A U.S. release for the portable port has yet to be mentioned, but the game will likely make a showing for the US launch as well.

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Chu Chu Rocket
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