New Final Fantasy X character details

[01.12.01] » Tida a star athlete; Yuna a summoner.

   In addition to the first screenshots and character renders, Square has announced a few new details on Final Fantasy X's protagonists. The hero, whose name is tentatively translated as Tida (not Tide, as previously reported), is a sword-wielding 17-year-old. Tida is described as "cheerful" and a star player at Blitzball, an underwater fighting ball game. Speculation suggests Blitzball could be a mini-game, though nothing has been confirmed.

   Tida's staff-wielding love interest Yuna is also 17. She's the daughter of a master summoner and is unhappy living in the shadow of her famous family. Yuna is a summoner herself, though she rarely makes use of her powers.

   Thanks to Nick Rox for the translations.

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Final Fantasy X
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