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   The first official screenshots of Final Fantasy X mainly showcase the more detailed character faces -- FF X will be the first Final Fantasy to incorporate complete in-game facial expressions. The style of the text is also markedly different; the standard textured "text boxes" have been replaced with subtitle-style text to accompany the game's voice acting. Also revealed is FF X's new logo, which appears to depict one of the game's key story elements: a battle between the water goddess and fire god.

   Some story information can also be gleaned from the text. In the third screenshot, the priest-like character is telling Tida that, summoners used divine powers to protect the people of Ebon. The fourth talks of a mysterious being known as Shin; anyone who approaches Shin will become a little crazy and have strange dreams. A character, likely Tida, vows to defeat Shin. And in the fifth shot, Tida states, "It started with Shin, so if I meet him/her/it again..."

   Thanks to Nick Rox for the Jump scans and translations.

Final Fantasy X