06.26.01 Details on Final Fantasy X's Rikku
   Backstory, abilities revealed for next-to-last character.
06.22.01 Final Fantasy X details galore
   New Overdrives revealed; non-Overdrive special skills to be included; more character backstories confirmed.
06.22.01 New gaming wallpaper released
   Decorate your desktop with Final Fantasy X characters, monkeys.
06.20.01 Nobuo Uematsu sharing Final Fantasy X composing duties
   FF X's soundtrack a collaboration with two other Square composers.
06.19.01 Final Fantasy X's Sphere Board System unveiled
   Character abilities, statistics to revolve around complex new board-based system.
06.19.01 New Final Fantasy X game, character details
   Final Fantasy VIII-style special attacks to return, plus more on Lulu.
06.16.01 Final Fantasy X special edition to include speaker
   Square targets the elusive "gullible audiophile" market.
06.08.01 New Final Fantasy X trailer, screens
   Yet another FFX trailer hits the web -- this time with new footage.
06.07.01 "Suteki da ne" sample released
   Square offers fans a piece of Final Fantasy X's theme song.
05.30.01 Final Fantasy soundtrack news
   Final Fantasy V and VI Piano Collections rereleases planned; other albums confirmed and recieve release dates.
05.25.01 Square releases new Final Fantasy X media
   New music, movies available on PlayOnline.
05.23.01 New Final Fantasy X world, character details
   See more of Seymour. (Potential spoilers within.)
05.19.01 Square posts Final Fantasy X summon movies
   Bird-like summon's name also revealed.
05.17.01 Final Fantasy X reservation campaign begins
   Buy the game, get the bandana.
05.14.01 Final Fantasy X 2-disc release nixed
   Single disc version now only version, but new bonus disc to be included.
05.12.01 Emiko Shiratori to write "Aerith's Theme" remix lyrics
   "Melodies of Life" singer contributes to bonus Final Fantasy X track.
05.07.01 Final Fantasy X bonus track survey: final results
   "Aerith's Theme" to be re-orchestrated, given lyrics.
05.07.01 New Final Fantasy X world, plot details
   World and summon monsters named, plus the plot premise revealed. (Possible spoilers within.)
05.07.01 Square EA announces E3 line-up
   A pair of Final Fantasy titles to appear at next week's show.
05.07.01 Final Fantasy X official site opens
   Yuna is ready for her close-up.
04.17.01 Still more Final Fantasy X information
   New mini-game and a delay of the North American release announced.
04.16.01 Final Fantasy X release date, price announced for Japan
    Japanese gamers better start saving their yen.
04.15.01 More Final Fantasy X character details
    Further information on FFX's female thief Ryukku.
04.15.01 Two new Final Fantasy X characters revealed
    Square's Coca-Cola promotion unveils two new cast members for FFX.
04.03.01 TGS: Additional Final Fantasy X details
    Location names, new skills, battle system details, and a first look at the new experience system.
04.02.01 Final Fantasy X trailer analysis
    Don't want to download the full FF X trailer? Check out a shot-by-shot description.
03.31.01 TGS: New Final Fantasy X character details
    More information on FFX's growing cast -- including a new party member.
03.30.01 TGS: Final Fantasy X impressions
    Details on new characters and summon spells, plus a look at the new battle system.
03.30.01 "Aerith's Theme" stakes out clear lead in FF X bonus track voting
    More proof that dead people can win elections.
03.30.01 TGS: New Final Fantasy X details
    Summoned monsters to be controllable fighters; character themes returning.
03.13.01 Square plans Final Fantasy X showing for Tokyo Game Show
    New footage reportedly set to appear at the end of the month.
02.26.01 Final Fantasy X and The Spirits Within toys revealed
    Bandai shows off two lines of Final Fantasy figures at Toy Fair 2001.
02.01.01 Final Fantasy X song title revealed
    Isn't it ambiguous?
01.26.01 Square announces two versions of Final Fantasy X, more unknown titles
    Get ready for your first special edition 2-DVD game.
01.27.01 New Final Fantasy X details
    After months of silence, the floodgates open even wider: new character, gameplay, and mini-game information revealed.
01.23.01 Tentative domestic release date for Final Fantasy X revealed
   Japanese delays aside, Square still hopes to bring Final Fantasy X stateside in 2001.
01.21.01 Still more Final Fantasy X information
    New interview reveals details on the game's experience system, world map, and logo.
01.19.01 Final Fantasy X delayed
    Square's first PS2 RPG pushed back to the summer.
01.17.01 New Final Fantasy X battle, cast details
    Are active time battles dead? Have old motion capture actors become the new voice actors? The lead developers of FFVIII return with a few surprises up their sleeve.
01.16.01 Final Fantasy X official character names
    Yuna and... Tidus?
01.16.01 Final Fantasy X to have "Okinawan feel"
    As details emerge on characters, dress, and music, the latest in Square's flagship RPG series takes on a distinctive theme.
01.12.01 New Final Fantasy X character details
    Tida a star athlete; Yuna a summoner.
01.05.01 More new Final Fantasy X characters
   Kitt and Hayate join the crew.
01.04.01 Okinawan vocalist chosen to sing Final Fantasy X main theme
    Folk singer Rikki to lend voice to Nobuo Uematsu's latest series theme song.
11.30.00 Final Fantasy X theme song completed
   Nobuo Uematsu finishes the next Final Fantasy's main theme, enjoys frosty beverage.
11.27.00 Square aims big for FF X sales
   Square's president sets a projection for the company's first PlayStation 2 RPG.
11.21.00 Final Fantasy X goes offline
   Citing a slow start for PlayOnline, Square nixes FFX's online components.
04.11.00 Square announces Final Fantasy X demo
   Play Online testing set to begin during fall 2000.
Final Fantasy X