Two new Final Fantasy X characters revealed

[04.14.01] » Square's Coca-Cola promotion unveils two new cast members for FFX.

   As previously reported, Square is once again promoting their latest Final Fantasy with collectable figurines . The promotion began at the start of this month with four variations of Tidus and Yuna available with the purchase of bottles of Coca-Cola. Now pictures of the super-deformed versions of all eight characters in the promotion have leaked out on the web, revealing two new additions to the game's cast.

   Joining the six known characters are a sword fighter named Aaron and a mage whose name we've tentatively translated as Shimoa (or possibly Seymour). The Japanese text that appears above the characters identifies Aaron as a party member, while Shimoa is an NPC. What role Shimoa will play in the story is currently unknown (as is his/her sex), but the character's stern demeanor does seem to indicate an antagonist.

   The name of the mysterious woman seen in the Virge Temple section of the TGS demo has been revealed as Ryukku, not Zorenne as we had previously reported. As previously speculated, she will indeed be joining as the party's thief, complete with the "steal" skill.

   Thanks to Yanes Himawan for the tip.








Shimoa (?)

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