Final Fantasy X goes offline

[11.21.00] » Citing a slow start for PlayOnline, Square nixes FFX's online components.

   Due to difficulties setting up their ambitious online service, Square has announced that the launch of a fully-operational PlayOnline has been pushed back to winter of 2001, with tests beginning in March. Final Fantasy X, which was to feature an online strategy guide, will still go out on its projected date of March 2001. Unfortunately, the proposed PlayOnline compatibility will have to be cut.

   While the lack of an online guide will not likely be a big blow to fans, it may be to Square. Without Final Fantasy X as an introduction to the service, the success of the PlayOnline may rest solely on the online-only Final Fantasy XI. Tests for that much more experimental game will begin with PlayOnline's launch in the winter, with full service expected by spring 2002.

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Final Fantasy X
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