Still more Final Fantasy X information

[04.17.01] » New mini-game and a delay of the North American release announced.

   GameSpot VG today reported on a second Final Fantasy X mini-game. In addition to playing the underwater sport Blitzball, hero Tidus will be tracking down pointers to help him learn the fictitious language Al Bhed. (This language is very likely the one used by Ryukku in the Tokyo Game Show demo.)

   GameSpot VG also reported that Final Fantasy X now has a tentative North American release date of "early 2002." Previous announcements had pegged the title with a November 2001 release.

   Finally, the site posted some new direct-feed screenshots. While most of the shots simply duplicate the areas seen in the TGS demo, a few offer a better look at Kimari and the orange temple seen in the trailer.

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