"Aerith's Theme" stakes out clear lead in FF X bonus track voting

[03.30.01] » More proof that dead people can win elections.

   Square has posted another update to the "Suteki da ne" bonus track voting on its PlayOnline site. The campaign, which continues until the end of April, allows Japanese-speaking fans to vote on their favorite Final Fantasy music piece. The winning track will be remixed into a Rikki-sung vocal track for inclusion on the CD single release of Final Fantasy X's theme "Suteki da ne."

   "Aerith's Theme" from Final Fantasy VII has increased its lead; the track now has 1,194 votes. That gives "Aerith's Theme" nearly four times as many votes as the second-place song, "You're Not Alone" from Final Fantasy IX, which has a mere 285 votes. Final Fantasy V's ever-popular "Battle With Gilgamesh" has dropped to third place with 234 votes.

   While there's still another month of voting to go, it seems unlikely that any other track can pass "Aerith's Theme" at this point.

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