Final Fantasy X and The Spirits Within toys revealed

[02.26.01] » Bandai shows off two lines of Final Fantasy figures at Toy Fair 2001.

  The annual Toy Fair earlier this month saw the unveiling of two Final Fantasy-inspired series of action figures from Bandai, and toy website was on the scene for a full report.

    Unsurprisingly, toys based on the upcoming movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within were on prominent display. The array of 6" figures from the film will include characters Aki, Gray, Ryan, Dr. Sid, Neil, and the mysterious Phantom. Two vehicle playsets, the Black Boa and Copperhead, will complete the line with each of the tiny craft holding up to four 1" miniatures of the characters. The Spirits Within toys are set to release alongside the movie this July.

   Bandai's booth also offered an advance look at its upcoming series of Final Fantasy X toys. The two officially revealed characters, Tidus and Yuna, were both on display in miniaturized versions, but fans should expect the full cast of the game to get their due when the series is released. It is currently unknown whether the Final Fantasy X figures will find their way to North America, but if the last two games are any indication, a stateside release seems likely.

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