Details on Final Fantasy X's Rikku

[06.26.01] » Backstory, abilities revealed for next-to-last character.

   The Madman's Cafe recently posted the backstory and abilities for Rikku, the next-to-last Final Fantasy X party member. As revealed in Shonen Jump magazine, Rikku is a member of the Al Bhed tribe, the technologically advanced tribe whose language Tidus will have to learn.

   Rikku's abilities have also been announced. As previously reported, Rikku will be able to steal items from enemies; she'll also have the traditional "Throw" move. Due to Rikku's hi-tech background, however, it seems her special throwing items will be weapons like grenades instead of boomerangs and throwing stars. Rikku's Overdrive is an ability not seen since Final Fantasy V: alchemy. Players select two items (such as Potions and Right Arms of Bomb, as well as unique alchemy-only items) to combine; different combinations yield different magical effects. Rikku uses daggers and knives as weapons.

   Madman's Cafe has also posted new screenshots as well as some additional story details that may contain spoilers. For the first look at Final Fantasy X's Cid and other story elements, check out the Madman's Cafe story.

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