TGS: New Final Fantasy X character details

[03.30.01] » More information on FFX's growing cast -- including a new party member.

   The second day of the Tokyo Game Show has come and gone, and our man in Japan, Andy Church, was back at the tightly-packed Final Fantasy X display for more details and new screenshots. In addition to the impressions posted yesterday, new information has surfaced on the game's playable characters.

   We previously translated FFX's black-clad woman and spikey-haired brawler as Lulu and Wakka, respectively -- these are now confirmed as the Japanese names for the characters. More importantly, the four previously-revealed characters will be joined by fifth, Kimari Lonzo. Kimari is first seen at the beginning of one of the demo's two scenarios in an impressive fight with hero Tidus. The battle abruptly ends when the two discover they are on the same side; Kimari is described as Yuna's guardian. The imposing beastman joins the party as a traditional blue magician.

   In addition, Wakka's Blitzball isn't the only unusual weapon; magic-user Lulu employs an animated moogle doll to assault enemies.

   Once again, our thanks go out to super Special Agent Andy Church.   

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