TGS: New Final Fantasy X details

[03.29.01] » Summoned monsters to be controllable fighters; character themes returning.

   As promised, a playable version of Final Fantasy X was on display at the Tokyo Game Show. Two different areas were featured: an underground river in which Tidus must traverse rock bridges and another, yet-to-be-detailed location. At least the underground river included functional random battles.

   And what of the promised revolutionary new battle system? IGNPS2 reports that the battles "are pretty much standard Final Fantasy and RPG stuff," though no ATB meter appears. While IGN's description is more likely a hasty summary than an actual analysis of the system, it's also possible that not all the new features have been implemented yet.

   However, at least one new piece of information has emerged: Creatures summoned by Yuna will stay on the battlefield, allowing them to attack and cast spells like any other party member. Once a certain "Overkill" point is reached, the summon beasts can unleash a powerful Limit Break-style attack against all the enemies.

   Square Gamer also reports that Square is handing out CDs of Tidus' and Yuna's themes at its TGS booth. Fans can expect the tracks to appear in MP3 format around the Web shortly; in the mean time, the news is also a quiet confirmation that Final Fantasy X, unlike FF VIII, will include character themes.

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Final Fantasy X
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